Arms & Legs Studio

Welcome to our new studio in Leith

January 12, 2021

Welcome to the new Arms and Legs Studio. We took over this old attic space in Leith over 3 months ago and in between work we have gradually transformed it into our own with the help of some really talented friends.

We commissioned renowned Edinburgh based street artist Elph to create us a mural in our meeting room space. The theme is a dystopian Leith which is being taken over by nature. The detail and craftsmanship in the piece is incredible, you have to see it up close to believe it! At night the piece transforms and comes alive with reactive UV paint under our black light. A huge shout out to Elph for his work on this

We would also like to thank Bespoke Lighting and Video for their help in building us a custom Pixel Led installation. This allows us to light any part of our room with full control over colour and light intensity through pixel mapping. This is all ran through Resolume which gives us the added interactivity to create some amazing visuals which can be synced to music!

Ultimately, our new space gives us the flexibility to produce more content for our clients in house. This includes everything from filming interviews, product shoots, photography, editing and workshops. When time permits we are also planning to use the space for creative hangouts and socials (more on this soon).

Thanks to Delay Grounds for use of his track Clutter. This track is out now and available to buy on the Pressure Dome Bandcamp page.

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