DJ Mag Live with Taahliah and Telfort

Multicam live stream for DJ MAG

August 10, 2021

A live stream to celebrate Sneaky Pete's inclusion as one the top 100 clubs.

Sneaky Pete's holds a special place in our hearts. After all, we spent over 8 years of our youth running parties there every Wednesday night. When asked if we wanted to produce a unique live stream for the DJMag top 100 Clubs we jumped at the chance. We had full creative reign over the production and had two great artists to work with, Telfort and Taahliah.

Our vision for the production was to utilise the small size of the club as best we could to make it feel more exposed and give people a different perspective of the space. We decided to position the DJ's in the centre of the dancefloor and shoot down towards the bar area to give more depth to the scene.

We enlisted the help of our super talented lighting friend Sam Jones who kitted the club with Titan Tubes and a multitude of other flashy lights. Martin Sweeny from Unstable creations added some projection mapping featuring video clips of the crowds from various Sneakies events over the years (including some of our very own Witness nights). We brought a six camera setup and used motorised sliders and Jibs from Edelkrone to give movement to our unmanned cameras. We were delighted with the result of the stream and you check out both mixes in the link below. Enjoy!

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