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Timberbush Tours take thousands of tourists around Scotland every year, and we got to follow along for the ride.

August 13, 2019

We jumped at the chance to work with Timberbush Tours, an award-winning tour company based in Edinburgh.

The challenge for us was to capture footage from every destination they visit across Scotland and Northern England, over a hundred to be precise!. This involved some serious route planning, weather forecasting and miles on the road.

The shoot could be challenging at times - we were on the road for weeks at a time waiting for the weather to cooperate with us so that we could capture those money shots of the beautiful Scottish landscape. Unsurprisingly the Scottish weather didn't cooperate and it took longer than expected. We used a mixture of drone and camera work to get the best out of each location and show the sites from a different perspective.

One of the highlights from this job has to be getting to visit some of the best whisky distilleries in Scotland such as Deanston, Tullibardine and Glenkinchie. A wee dram really warms you up after filming out in the cold all day!

The historic sites we got to explore were incredible and it was amazing to see Skara Brae on Orkney, Roslin Chapel and Holy Island. We also got full access to Alnwick Castle, Blair Castle and Stirling Castle. It was interesting to learn a bit about the extraordinary and sometimes colourful history of these places.

During this project we met some great people, not least the unique and incredibly knowledgeable drivers of the tour buses. They were always happy to share stories and answer all our questions. 

In total, this project took us over a year to produce, mainly due to the number of locations and unpredictable weather! This was a bit of a dream client for us. We got to explore Scotland from a unique perspective and see new places as we were working.

Our top tips for filming in Scotland

1. Expect everything to take twice as long due to the bad weather!

2. Sample the local delicacies and enjoy the sights- you might as well enjoy this beautiful country even if you are meant to be working!

3. Be sure to pack thermals, waterproofs and midge repellent!

4. Whisky is a must. Slainte!

5. No weather app can really predict the Scottish weather so you need to be adaptable!

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