Our Studio

Welcome to the Arms and Legs studio. Our renovated attic space is situated in Leith, Edinburgh’s creative community.

Our studio is our creative home

Since moving to our attic in Leith last year, we’ve spent time getting it just right. From the layout of the room to the lighting and the sound system, our studio is based on the aesthetic principles that inform everything we do.

It’s where we edit video and photo, shoot interviews, and host workshops with leading typographers, designers, copywriters and videographers, as well as being a venue for hosting socials and networking events with like-minded creatives. It’s a truly collaborative space that inspires us, where we can best work together as a team and with our clients.

The Jungle

Now the centre of Edinburgh’s creative community, Leith is more than just where we happen to be based. It really is our home. We literally grew up here and it’s where our roots lie.

Inspired by this, we recently commissioned a mural for our meeting room, painted by the locally based but internationally renowned street artist Elph. The mural presents a futuristic Leith, which has once again become part of the natural world, and features a number of characters (including a film crew on top of one of the local landmarks; you might recognise them). The level of detail in Elph’s work is absolutely incredible. And what’s more, it even glows in the dark!