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Art + Technology Season 5

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Project Management

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The Brief

To help produce and shoot season 5 of Art+Technology, a discursive web series in which host Gemma Cairney meets a diverse range of artists, technologists and futurists, to exchange ideas and embark on stimulating conversations about how our world is being redefined.

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The Concept

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Our Approach

When we were approached by the Singapore-based production house The Smalls to collaborate with them and Bloomberg to produce season 5 of Art+Technology, we jumped at the chance. The show features some of the world’s most exciting artists and technologists.

Having been in a remote-only format for the previous seasons, this season was to be the first that the host, Gemma Cairney, would converse with the guests — dialling in from across the world — within a studio setting in Edinburgh.

We took care of all the on-the-ground logistics. Working closely with The Smalls team in Singapore, we put together a crew comprising some of our good pals, including Ross Blair of Trenchone Industries, and Sam Jones LX Designer, to help design and build the set.

Although the guests were remote, the conversations took place in real time and we wanted to try and convey this feeling in the cinematography for the interviews, making use of angles that helped to make it feel like viewers are listening in on a real live discussion.

The project was sometimes tricky to manage for a number of reasons (mostly the risks associated with any conversations dependent on streaming!), but we were able to pull it off thanks to a really brilliant crew, who all worked tirelessly together to deliver the project.

You can view Episodes 1-6 on YouTube now, before the remaining episodes are released later in the year.

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Behind the scenes

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