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The Brief

Blackadders is a leading Scottish Law firm which focuses both on Business and Private legal matters. With offices in every major Scottish city — and experts covering more than 40 sectors and services. 

We were engaged to produce a series of high-quality videos to match their new brand identity, developed by LBD Studio. They wanted to break free from the norm so the challenge was to create something to make them stand out from the crowd and show the people behind the firm at every level. 

The main deliverables included three sets of videos outlining Blackadders’ approach to providing business and personal legal services, as well as demonstrating its unique culture as an appealing place to work.

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The Concept

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Our Approach

Blackadders — Legal advice for Business

Blackadders — Legal advice for Individuals

Working at Blackadders — Our culture

We invested time in pre-production to work closely with LBD Studio to make sure our ideas for the video content aligned with their vision for the brand. The visual identity of the brand was to be a feature in the videos so we decided to bring them into the live physical space where they were being filmed. 

For this we hired out the weaving shed studios, which provided a large studio space and infinity curve which would give us enough space to use as a blank canvas. Our main idea was to project animated visuals of the brand components behind each subject and use creative lighting to extend the colour palettes into the rest of the scene. 

We decided to film this with a behind the scenes look to highlight the transparency and honesty that the client was aiming to showcase and to connect viewers to the film-making process. We employed a comprehensive camera setup, consisting of four cameras strategically positioned to capture a multitude of angles during the interviews. This setup allowed us to showcase not only the interviewees but also the entire studio arrangement, including the crew and camera equipment. We hired in a set of Canon Sumire primes from a Glasgow based rental house No Drama for a subtle, cinematic and expressive look that would complement the intimate nature of the shoot.  

The videos themselves were interview-led, with a focus on each participant making a sense of direct contact with the camera. For this we used an ‘Eye Direct’ system on the camera to give the impression that each interviewee was speaking directly to the camera, but in reality, they were simply having a conversation with the interviewer, sitting off-screen — so everyone felt comfortable on the day.


Director Liam Bonar

Director of Photography Ross Addy

Camera Operator Tommy Slack

Producer Bartosz Liszka and David Lee

Sound Engineer Chris Marr

Editor Ross Addy

Hair and Make Up Sandra Cormack

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Behind the scenes

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