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Baltic Works Site Tour

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The Brief

Halley Stevensons is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of waxed cotton and weatherproofed fabrics using responsibly sourced cotton and low-impact manufacturing. Based at their Baltic Works site in Dundee, they are an independent firm with over 150 years of expertise and heritage.

We were engaged to produce some high-quality videos to match their new visual identity, developed by LBD Studio. The main purpose of the videos was to provide an up-to-date overview of the Baltic Works site. We were asked to demonstrate the specialist processes that Halley Stevensons provide, in a manner that provides potential clients with a real sense of the feel of the factory — without having to travel to Scotland, as many of Halley Stevensons’ partners are overseas.

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The Concept

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Our Approach

We invested time in the pre-production phase, getting to understand Halley Stevensons’ brand, in terms of its legacy and the people involved. Given that many of the processes are complex and bespoke, we worked closely with the team to develop a clear shotlist, in order to establish everything that had to be included.

Shooting took place over a single day, when we were blessed with beautiful conditions that helped to show off Baltic Works in its best light. We used a mixture of different lenses to provide different perspectives of the processes, including getting up close to illustrate the detail and quality of Halley Stevensons’ work.

In the post-production phase, we worked closely with LBD Studio to integrate iconography from the new visual identity as part of the videos, and to create a set of accompanying motion graphics, in order to help make the videos consistent with the brand identity.


Director of Photography and Camera Operator Ross Addy

1st AC Talha Imam

Producer David Lee

Motion graphics Bartosz Liszka

Editor Ross Addy

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Behind the scenes

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