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Dun Cana Bottle Release

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The Brief

Isle of Raasay Distillery is a whisky and gin distillery located off the coast of Skye on the picturesque Scottish island of Raasay. We were tasked with providing product photography and video production for the launch of their newest whisky release Dun Cana. We wanted to focus on the aesthetics of the bottle and how its design relates to the island's volcanic history and the elemental creation of this iconic Single Malt.

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The Concept

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Our Approach

The whisky's origin spans back 66 million years, a narrative anchor that infuses a sense of legacy, depth, and the profound impact of time. To visually represent this passage of time, the ticking clock emerges as a recurrent motif with each tick representing the centuries it took to make the whisky, stressing the care and effort that went into it, culminating in those last few moments of the journey from bottle to glass. By juxtaposing the bottle's craftsmanship against each of the elements, the advert illustrates the fusion of human artistry and the raw beauty of the natural world.

Working from within our own studio, we used macro lenses to capture the details of the bottle and the whisky pouring into the glass, along with flickering tube lights to highlight the rugged shape and intricate design of the bottle. The final 'hero' shot of the bottle was created using a turntable and an LED screen as a backdrop displaying embers to give the impression of a newly formed bottle from the colliding of these elements.

We also provided a range of promotional product shots courtesy of Jimmy Reid as well as social cutdowns for various social media platforms and Youtube.

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Behind the scenes

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