Countdown Summit 2021

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Video Production

Sound Recording

The Brief

Shooting interviews, discussions and pieces to camera with some of the world’s most influential figures in the fight against climate change, including Al Gore, Shai Weiss, ASAP Science and Joe Hanson, for TED’s Countdown Summit in Edinburgh, ahead of COP26.

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The Concept

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Our Approach

We were engaged to work with the TED team as part of the Global Countdown event held live in Edinburgh, just before COP26, the United Nations climate conference, was held in nearby Glasgow.

TED has become one of the world's most instantly recognisable platforms for knowledge exchange. This is largely due to their subtle but carefully curated house style across all their media outputs. Therefore, the first step of this project was to liaise closely with the in-house TED media team and build up a thorough understanding of their brand guidelines, so that everything we shot was consistent with TED’s look and feel.

The event was held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, inside which we had to construct a series of different sets suitable for the different pieces we were filming. These ranged from simple pieces to camera to in-depth discussions between multiple people, necessitating a multi-camera setup. We wanted all the discussions to feel natural, yet be shot with a cinematic quality.

Following each shoots, the materials needed to be quickly uploaded with a careful structure to TED's post-production team. The data management for this project therefore required a significant degree of careful handling. However, thanks to our brilliant crew, everything was delivered in plenty of time.

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Behind the scenes

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